Sony Xperia XA Ultra - Icons in the status bar

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Icons in the status bar

Status Icon

No SIM card

Signal strength

No signal


Sending and downloading LTE data


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Sending and downloading GPRS data

Sending and downloading EDGE data

Sending and downloading 3G data

Sending and downloading mobile data

A Wi-Fi connection is enabled and data is being transmitted

A Wi-Fi connection is enabled but there is no Internet connection.
This icon also appears when you are trying to connect to a secured Wi-Fi

network. After successful login, the exclamation point disappears.
In places where Google™ is blocked, such as China, the exclamation point may

appear even when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network and there is a

working Internet connection

Battery status

The battery is charging

Battery saver is activated

Airplane mode is activated

The Bluetooth® function is activated

The microphone is muted

The speakerphone is on

Do Not Disturb mode is activated

Allow exceptions in Do Not Disturb mode

Vibrate mode

An alarm is set

GPS is activated

Synchronization is ongoing

Problem with sign-in or synchronization

Depending on your service provider, network, and/or region, the functions or services

represented by some icons in this list may not be available.

To Manage Status Bar Icons


From your Homescreen, tap .


Find and tap

Settings > Display > System icons.


Mark the checkboxes for the system icons that you want to appear in the status


Notification Icons

New text or multimedia message

Missed call

Call on hold

Call forwarding is turned on

New voicemail message

New email message


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Downloading data

Uploading data

Mobile data is disabled

Perform a basic setup of your device

A software update is available

System updates are available

Downloading system updates

Tap to install the downloaded system updates

Noise canceling is on

Screenshot captured

New Hangouts™ chat message

Video chat with friends using the Hangouts™ application

Smart Connect is activated

A song is playing

The radio is on

The device is connected to a computer via a USB cable

Internal storage is 75% full—tap to transfer data to a memory card


More (undisplayed) notifications

Not all icons that may appear on your device are listed here. These icons are for reference

purposes only, and changes may be made without notice.

To block an application from sending notifications


From your Home screen, tap .


Find and tap

Settings > Sound & notification> App notifications.


Select an application.


Drag the slider beside

Block all to the right.