Sony Xperia XA Ultra - Using Smile Shutter™‎ to capture smiling faces

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Using Smile Shutter™ to capture smiling faces

Use Smile Shutter™ technology to photograph a face just as it smiles. The camera

detects up to five faces and selects one face for smile detection and auto-focus. When

the selected face smiles, the camera automatically takes a photo.

To Turn On Smile Shutter™


Activate the camera.


Tap .


Find and tap

Auto capturing > Smile Shutter.

To take a photo using Smile Shutter™


When the camera is open and Smile Shutter™ is turned on, point the camera at

your subject. The camera selects which face to focus on.


The face selected appears inside a colored frame and the photo is taken



If no smile is detected, press the camera key to take the photo manually.